Am I impotent? Test Your Impotence!

How to know if I am impotent?
At some point in their life, almost all men suffer from erectile problems. This is not a cause for worry at all. Stress, tiredness, professional or personal concerns can make you feel less into sex sometimes. When, despite not lacking in lust, you fail to get erection regularly – that is a cause for vexation. It is important that you talk to a doctor and let him know exactly what's been bothering you in recent times if you want to know for certain rather if you have impotence or not.

To see whether or not your penis responds to certain types of touches, your doctor may take a close look at your penis during the interview. If it does not, than you might have a problem in the nervous system. If you have hormonal problems, some secondary sex characteristics such as hair pattern can suggest that. If your penis is bent that might mean that you have Peyronie's disease, in which case you may suffer from erectile problems.

There are some tests that your doctor may recommend like ipid (not ipod you geek) profile, blood counts, urinalysis and NPT (nocturnal penile tumescence), which is the most assured and the best indicator of whether you have any physical problem at all. During sleep all sexually normal and healthy men get involuntary erections.If you don't, that implies the problem is not psycological but physical.

Impotence tend to affect the elderly population more, but it's not an inevitable outcome of aging According to statistics, 34% of men in their 60s suffer from erectile problems, which is significantly higher than the less than 10% men in their 20s having the problem.
So, go to the doctor and you'll know.